Core Values

Food Protection AllianceTM is...

Customer Focused

customerfocusedWe align our goals with that of the customer.  Just as every facility is different, so is each customer.  Our customer's needs drive the work that we do.  Every recommended solution and service is  designed to benefit customers and in turn the entire industry.  Through being problem solvers and finding solutions, we strengthen the industry. 

Our common goal is to surpass customer expectations by providing responsive, efficient, respectful and effective customer service at all times.

Quality Bound

qualityboundWe have an uncompromising dedication to quality that demands that we will use the safest, most effective products, processes, and equipment, providing full accountability at every stage.  Our employees are screened and trained to ensure that the highest levels of safety are followed without fail, and that our  customers’ standards are met uniformly at all of their facilities.

All of our technicians are certified and provide services in full compliance with all regulations and state licenses. To insure consistency throughout North America, we cross train, have an annual QA Boot Camp at Kansas State University, and an annual Fumigation Boot Camp.  Through all of these, we insure industry leading quality service that gets passed to our customers.

Technology Based

technologybasedWe are quality standard bearers in food protection through research and development of the most progressive technology available.  Our ongoing exchange of technological insights and breakthroughs helps advance safety and efficacy of food protection services, techniques, and equipment. 

As stated in our mission statement, we capitalize on the benefits of cutting-edge technology with the primary focus being on how to increase value to customers, safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Improvement Oriented

improvementorientedWe are only as strong as our weakest link.  With this mentality, we are continually evaluating our ability to carry out our mission and perform in accordance with our core values, so we can identify opportunities for innovation and improvement. 

We are never satisfied with the status quo, and continuously identify ways to innovate and improve the safety and performance of our operations.  This is done through professional training.  This is not only provided to our individual members, but to FPA as a group annually at our QA Boot Camp and Fumigation Boot Camp.  These internal training opportunities allow us to learn what is required of all employees to strengthen, enhance, and improve our skills and knowledge.