Food Focus

As a National Group, we are strictly focused on the food industry.

The push for a safe food supply is escalating quickly.  Understanding the Global Food Safety Initiative and the FDA's approach to food safety is critical to realizing the universal need to standardize and verify food safety.

Food Safety Pest Management

These food quality changes are also focusing on pest management.   In the past, food processors relied on standard pest control services to facilitate their needs.  The term Integrated Pest Management is a great example of the generic nature of national services.  What North American food processors need today is Food Safety Pest Management. This is food focused pest management which includes and intensifies the specific needs of the food industry.  It also transcends pest management to provide a more peripheral view of food operations and storage. 

Nationwide Service

The Food Protection AllianceTM is a group of Regional Companies who have gathered together under one umbrella to provide consistent Nationwide Service across North America to the food industry. fpa-globe-locations Food Protection AllianceTM is your single source in North America for food safety pest management, fumigation, and training services.