Complimentary Webinars

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 'Lunch 'n' Learn' webinars  will last for ​30 minutes and be held at 12pm central.
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1/10          Prerequisite Programs Supporting IPM -  
                      Al St.Cyr
2/14          PCO Requirements Under FSMA 
                     Richard Kammerling
​TBA          Pest Management in Organic Facilities 
                     ​Sorry for the inconvenience, we need to reschedule
4/11          Organic Facility Requirements
                     ​​Jeff Beckman and John Mueller - FPA Team members
5/9           Mating Disruption  
                     Dr. Jim Campbell
6/13         The Occasional Visitor
                      ​Rufus La Lone
​7/11          Phorid and Fruit Flies  
                     John Moore
8/8           Foreign Grain Beetle ID, Biology & Control  
                     Dr. Tom Phillips
​9/12         Structural Design for Pest Management  
                    Al St. Cyr
10/10       Why is This Pest Here?  
                   Al St. Cyr
11/14        Rodent Management  
                   ​Matt Frye 
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Thank you for all of your interest in these webinars!

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The first step in problem solving is understanding and identifying
the problem at hand.
Please join Food Protection AllianceTM as we hold complimentary webinars ​ reviewing pest identification and food safety pest management.  Industry experts will share their knowledge on a variety of pests in order to assist you in protecting your investment.
To sign up, please click on the webinar(s) of interest below.  
Questions, email training@fpalliance.com or call 877-372-3334.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with YOU!

1/12   GMP Prerequisite Programs and Pest Management - Al St Cyr, Clark Pest Control
2/9      FSMA Documentation Requirements for Pest Management Part 1 - Jerry Heaps, Land 'O Lakes
3/8      FSMA Documentation Requirements for Pest Management Part 2 - Al St Cyr, Clark Pest Control
4/12    Roof Rat - Timothy 'Timmy' Madere, New Orleans Pest Control Board
5/10    Small Fly ID and Control - Dr. Stephen Kells, Univeristy of Minnesota
6/14    Argentine Ants - Dr Ryan Neff, Clark Pest Control
7/12    Temperature Control for Insect Management - Dr Frank Arthur, USDA ARS
8/9      Large Fly ID and Control - Phil Pelletterri
9/13    Helpful Hints for Conducting an Inspection - Richard Kammerling, RK Pest Management Services
10/11  Norway Rat - Ted Bruesch, Liphatech
11/8    Control Techniques for Bird Management - Sheldon
12/13  CSI       - John Moore, FPA Team member - Royal Pest Solutions


2/24     Fungus / Mold Feeders, Al St Cyr, Clark Pest Control 
3/10    Cigarette / Drugstore Beetle, Dr.Tom Phillips,Kansas State University 

4/14     Indianmeal Moth / Mediterranean Flour Moth, Dr.Steve Brown, University of Georgia formerly 
5/12     Weevils, Dr. James Campbell, USDA ARS 
6/9       Rodents, Ted Bruesch, Liphatech 
7/14     Psocids, Dr. George Opit, Oklahoma State University 
8/11     Cockroaches, Dr. Phillip Koehler, University of Florida 
9/8       Lesser Grain Borer, Dr. Subi Bhadriraju, Kansas State University 
10/13   Warehouse Beetle / Dermestid,  Dr. James Campbell, USDA ARS  
11/10   Sawtoothed Grain Beetle / Merchant Beetle, Dr. Linda Mason, Purdue University 
12/8     Flies,  Al St Cyr, Clark Pest Control