Food Processing

The Food Protection AllianceTM is the industry leader for food safety pest management.

The FPA has quickly developed a reputation for providing the highest quality service tailored to each food processors unique needs. FPA ha​s experts with the specific pest pressures in their geographic regions to assist your facility with challenges. We will work to protect your brand and enhance product quality with our specialized food safety observations that are included along with detailed service reports.

Impeccable Audit Scores

FPA member companies recognize the importance of keeping their food processing customer accounts audit ready at all times.  With the increased regulations that are beginning to filter in from the Food Safety Modernization Act the Global Food Safety Initiative, this is more important than ever. The FPA has an outstanding history of impeccable audit scores from IFS, AIB, BRC, SQF, Cook & Thurber, Silliker and numerous other auditing institutions.

The Food Protection AllianceTM offers a multitude of food safety pest management options including, but not limited to:

Food Processing

On-Site Training

We can provide basic insect identification training to continuing education training specific for your site / industry.

Sanitation Audits

We like to make sure that your pest management program is audit ready at all times, we perform mock audits and training to insure you do not have any surprises.

Master Sanitation

Silo/confined space cleaning

Pheromone Monitoring

We utilize a variety of insect pheromones to complete our proactive pest management program

Rodent Management

Interior and Exterior traps along with managing the foliage surrounding the facility

Flying Insect Pest Management

Insect Light Traps can provide a wealth of information!

Heat Treatment Services

Alternative to fumigation 

Pest Bird Management

Careful attention must be paid during this pest management process

Green/Organic Pest Management

We have successful pest management programs that focus on prevention

ULV Applications

Fogging capabilities

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"Since switching to FPA, we have seen a drastic improvement in our services. The most visible improvement has been them coming to us with issues and ideas to correct, not leaving for us to figure out." Malt Facility Source Title