Designed to meet your specific needs for maintaining organic certification

Food Protection AllianceTM organic food safety pest management services are designed to meet your specific needs for maintaining organic certification. Whether you are an organic food supplier, wholesaler or food service establishment, food safety is your responsibility. That is where we can help.

Pest Management Expertise

Our pest management program fully supports the philosophy and standards as explained in the U.S. National Organic Program. Our technicians are competent and knowledgeable in the specific needs and requirements for your facility to maintain organic certification. In addition, we provide our employees with regular training in organic food safety topics to ensure that they stay abreast of industry regulations for organic certification, as well as emerging knowledge and technologies regarding an effective pest management program.

Proactive Pest Management

With our Proactive Pest Management approach, we adhere to a process of inspecting, identifying, monitoring, evaluating and selecting appropriate control methods. This involves routine inspection and accurate identification of pests, two vital steps in selecting the safest, most effective control methods. When we have identified the pests and pinpointed their source, we will work with you to create an inhospitable environment for pests through exclusion, repair or sanitation efforts. Part of our service is to provide a continual pest monitoring program, which enables us to maintain the most effective control possible.

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"Since switching to FPA, we have seen a drastic improvement in our services. The most visible improvement has been them coming to us with issues and ideas to correct, not leaving for us to figure out." Malt Facility Source Title