Food Protection Alliance has full knowledge and capabilities to protect your peanuts from insects and the damage that they can do.

From the pest management of storing peanuts to the possible fumigation need in order to protect your investment, we have years of experience in the peanut industry.   It takes a complete insect management plan to protect the quality of peanuts in storage.  This program includes but not limited to proper sanitation, protectants, fumigants and constant monitoring.

Peanut Storage

Storing peanuts can be difficult for several major reasons.  Poor storage of peanuts can lead to infections of the mold Aspergillus flavus which releases the toxin aflatoxin.  The old tradition was to store peanuts in warehouses that were considered loose or open to allow air flow over the peanuts to help prevent mold growth.  This in turn made the peanuts very vulnerable to insect infestations.


Until the last few years the major insect problem was the Indian meal moth.  Recently this has changed in many parts of the peanut growing regions, although it is still a major pest.  In the recent years the attention has been the infestation of the red flour beetle.  The beetles have proven to be a more challenging concern.  At the same time the peanut industry has been storing peanuts for longer periods of time increasing the challenges.

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