Food Protection Alliance’s proactive approach to pest management is exactly what the pharmaceutical industry looks for.

We understand the impact that a single pest presence can make in a facility and the cost that it can have to a facility and brand name.


Through our partnership with the pharmaceutical facility, we begin by having one of our 10+ entomologists perform a site visit with a technician. As each facility is different, we propose an approach that is specific to your facility, the products in your facility, and the outside pressures your facility faces.


From this, we align our goals with those of yours to develop a partnership. Through the partnership, our knowledge from years in the industry, and our advanced technology applications, we implement a proactive approach that eliminates the ability for the pests to make an appearance. We understand the need for you to focus and provide safe and effective products for the world so we ask that you leave the pest management services and implementation up to us.

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"Since switching to FPA, we have seen a drastic improvement in our services. The most visible improvement has been them coming to us with issues and ideas to correct, not leaving for us to figure out." Malt Facility Source Title