The Food Protection Alliance is well versed in Tobacco Fumigations of all sorts.

Tobacco fumigations can be structural fumigations in warehouses, vault fumigations or small container fumigations.

Effective Fumigation

An effective fumigation depends on the temperature of the tobacco at the centre of the bale, exposure time and concentration levels.  A safe fumigation depends on experience, proper safety equipment and training, and proper introduction, monitoring and aeration procedures. 

Effective Control

The source of the phosphine can be from varied sources.  Metal Phosphides (magnesium phosphide plate/strip) have been the traditional preferred fumigant.  However, as technologies and methods improve, cylinderized phosphine fumigants are also available.  Eco2Fume®  is a blended Phosphine and Carbon Dioxide gas. VAPORPHOS® is the most recent form of cylinderized phosphine.  It is a more concentrated source of phosphine and is blended on site.  Both of these products have been proven to be very effective in the control of tobacco pests.

The FPA continues to provide safe and effective Tobacco Fumigations in accordance to Industry Standards such as the CORESTA guide.  

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