Warehouse / Distribution Centers

We see the pest management protection of your products through to the stage of warehousing / distribution.

Although some may not see this as a portion on the foodline that is crucial, it is the final step in protecting your investment and brand name – which is priceless!

Once products arrive in a warehouse / distribution center, they may be placed with like products or mixed insmall-warehouse-of-us-aid with other goods. Regardless, the large building with stacks of boxes can be viewed as a playground for the number one pest in these facilities, rodents. Here is where major damage can be done if the facility is not monitored closely. Boxes gnawed, product packaging broken open for the rodents and other pests to infest, and contamination just from the pests coming in contact with the products.

FPA has experience on how to set up a successful pest management program in warehouse / distribution center facilities. The plan can consists of utilizing any or all of the tools in our tool belt – rodent control, insect light traps, pheromone monitoring, fogging, fumigation, or alternatives to fumigation. The simple layout of a ‘box’ type shape that they have may seem like it is easy, but there is a method to how to keep the pests from wanting or being able to enter. Allow us to share our expertise with you through a complimentary site survey. We like solving problems!

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"Since switching to FPA, we have seen a drastic improvement in our services. The most visible improvement has been them coming to us with issues and ideas to correct, not leaving for us to figure out." Malt Facility Source Title