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Proactive Pest Management Example - Monitoring and Inspection FIRST!

This is a Casey Study from our FPA Member in the Atlanta area, Allgood Pest Solutions.  It is a prime example of FPA's philosophy of Proactive Pest Management. Spend ample time monitoring and inspecting so your control can be effective when the problem is found.

In august 2012 our technician for a 500,000 square foot distribution center north of Atlanta began finding Fungus Gnats in curiosity traps and around doors and windows on the interior of the facility. The activity originated in a separate section of the facility where dry food was stored (approximately 50,000 square feet) but over a period of a few weeks the activity began appearing in the adjoining areas.

Customer had conducted their own inspection and believed the activity was originating from the exterior in the areas where the activity originated. They were insisting on a large scale fogging of the facility but we were adamant that a pesticide application alone would not solve the problem; we must find and eliminate the breeding source. They believed the breeding was occurring in an area where condensation drained off of the roof onto the concrete and algae and larvae were found. Based on the biology and known environments of this insect we did not believe this was the source.

After a thorough and exhaustive inspection we discovered a power panel that was the source for electrical supple to the entrance gate and CCTV at the gate that fed into the facility. When this panel was removed we discovered a large amount of adult flies accompanied by a musty odor. We traced this conduit to the gate where we found the underground junction boxes to be in need of new seals as well as a need for gravel to be used as a way to divert water from these boxes. Once the boxes on each end were sealed and gravel installed it took about 21 days for the activity to subside without the need for a pesticide application.