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Proper Cleaning is Key to a successful partnership

Poultry Feed SM
Being in this business for as long as we have, it amazes me as a service company, how often we run into a potential customer who has been sold a bill of goods based mostly on price and empty promises. Over time those potential customers come back to us to have the discussion about quality and why they should be paying attention to the qualifications and service approach of their pest control provider.

Case in point, FPA Member, RITECorp Environmental Property Solutions has a current customer that came to us in October last year. This same customer approached us and several other companies 4 years ago. This particular account works with customers all over the world and specializes as a private research facility for development of the best natural blends of poultry feed in order to produce the highest levels of production possible. After we spent more than 3 hours getting to know the history of their operation, who they provided service to and what their processes are, we developed a complete Food Safety Pest Management program to help them understand the importance of inspection, sanitation and what their role is in the partnership effort to solve their service needs.


During the initial service process we provided a clean out of the populations of Indian meal moths, grain beetles and rice weevils that were present and implemented a robust pheromone insect monitoring and trapping program. We provided suggestions on how to implement regularly scheduled sanitation such as cleaning equipment, floors and shelving to prevent the buildup of grain dusts on surfaces and in equipment which would reduce harborage sites and pest populations.  We also set them up to treat their containers of stored grain by supplying them with the equipment and training needed to make those applications.  


They were so excited about the information and the quality of the service process we provided that price became a non-issue. Moving forward they have really bought into the entire package to the point that they are working towards phasing in all the practices we have suggested including semi-annual employee training and the development of an in house Sanitation and Food Safety Team.