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Common Housefly is Common to ALL

                                        Housefly on bread
With September being National Food Safety Month, FPA wants to create awareness for some Food Safety pest management tips that can help out at your place of work...and possibly at your residence also.  

Today, we will focus on an insect that is common to all as they seem to be EVERYWHERE! The Common Housefly.

One of the reasons that they are seen everywhere is because they are able to reproduce 500,000 descendants in about a 6 year time.  This is a reason why we see them everywhere! If you have ever been to an animal farm, you have seen where they land - along with if you have been around a dumpster.  These same flies can have the ability to make it into a food processing / manufacturing facilities if the correct, preventative measures aren't taken.

Some Tips to make sure your team members and technicians are taking the proactive measures:
Too Keep them from entering Indoors:
~Screen Doors where there are doors that MUST or have a habit of remaining open.
~Air Curtains with the flow going OUT
~Strip doors on the dock doors.  These must be maintained to ensure a good seal.

If they do make it indoors (when they make it indoors):
~Insect Light Traps
     -bulbs changed every 6 months
     -IF glueboards are in traps, make sure they are changed on a regular basis
     -Keep clean in and around ILT's as insect fragments are proof to auditors that insects are in building.
If you have additional questions, we have a staff of entomologists who would love to speak 'bug' with you! Just give us a call! 877-372-3334