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FPA Coverage reaches throughout North America!

Food Protection Alliance is a national group of regionally based pest management companies. We were formed due to the national coverage need from some of our customers.  Through having FPA as your service provider, we can ensure that you receive the same service at one location as you do in another location that we are able to service.  Whether across the US or North America, we are able to communicate and provide consistent quality pest management services.

An aspect that we are proud of are being Problem Solvers! If you have a challenge, we will gladly accept.  Below is an example of a challenge along with a benefit of having FPA as a partner:

A FPA customer in Wisconsin reported to their service technician that an incoming product had an infestation.  Through communication, we found that the original product was warehoused in PA, GA, and CA.  The FPA Member in WI contacted the respective FPA members in PA, GA, and CA where they went, assessed, and solved the problem.

In addition to finding a solution to the challenge we were faced with, we found that the product is imported so we now need to look into the port locations where it arrives and see if we can take care of the problem before it gets distributed.  With FPA members having capabilities at a majority of the ports throughout North America, this should not be a problem.

Give us a call at 877-372-3334 for anything you may be challenged with - we will gladly accept!