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2016 FPA Fumigation Boot Camp

2016 Fum Boot Camp Team

In February, Food Protection Alliance team members gathered for their annual internal Fumigation Boot Camp in sunny Phoenix, AZ.  Collectively, between the 40 attendees, there was over 465 years of fumigation experience.  The first day included “Hands On” training at a facility that was able to provide stations for overall assessment, silo, warehouse, container, and spot fumigations along with the option of Organic treatment via CO2. We continued the next day learning out of the sun and into the classroom.  Here, we heard on fumigation updates, safety, and railcar aeration – along with discussion from the hands on training. An attendee stated that “From start to finish, the entire presentation was above all standards.  The info was incredible and look forward to next year.”

Fumigation is a tool and capability that is being challenged by some in the food industry.  We at Food Protection Alliance (FPA) view it as a capability that we must always stay up to date on for when and if needed as it has proven to be the solution to problems we face.  We continue to expand our knowledge and expertise on the additional capabilities of proactive pest management, alternatives to fumigation, and organic treatments.

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