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Zika Mosquito Eradication Certificates - FPA can Help!

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The mosquitos are creating quite the buzz! China has reported cases of Zika and is taking preventative steps to keep the virus away.  China is saying that all containers - including empty - from certain countries, including United States, shall be subject to effective anti-mosquito treatment.  When this occurs, a certificate will be issued by company performing treatment.  If the container arrives in China with no certificate, it will be subject to be fumigated at the port.  And - from what we are hearing, there is a bottleneck of this at the port which in turn is delaying product / containers from entering and arriving at their destination.  With the domino effect of costing companies due to timeliness. 

"APHIS is currently discussing China's new Zika virus health issue requirements with Chinese authorities.  We are requesting clarification on which agricultural commodities and productsion areas of the US are included in the requirements.
APHIS is inquiring about what specific form(s) of acceptable documentation can be submitted to Chinese officials by exporters, and other details of the new requirements.  The need for accurate information will take time and official guidance will be sent out by APHIS in the future." ​APHIS - Field Operations Guidance - China Zika

FPA is able to assist you if you are in need of a certificate.  We are currently working with several companies and have a treatment process in place along with the certificate needed.  Please contact us at 877-372-3334 if you would like to hear more.

**Continue to check back here as we hear information, we will update this page.