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Spring Cleaning... not just your home!

Forklift Graveyard

Spring is here - which can mean Spring Cleaning! Generally we think of our home - windows open, clean, and organize. Such a great feeling of 'freshness!' Today, I challenge those in the food industry to shift their thinking from 'Spring Cleaning' at their home to their facility....yes, the facility that may go through 'Spring Cleaning' daily with your sanitation program.

If the picture above looks like a common area at your facility, why? We call this the 'Equipment Graveyard.' This is where equipment that is no longer in use goes and sits...f.o.r.e.v.e.r! One may think that this is not doing any damage, it is 'dead'. It may be dead but it could be housing 'life!' This is where rodents and possibly other pests are thinking they have found a new neighborhood and are settling in. The cushions on the forklifts are great nesting places and material, the darkness is perfect, and nobody is bothering their 'structures.' Think about this - dark, cozy, still....sounds inviting! Not to mention, their food and water are just a couple of maze runs away.

So today, be challenged to wave 'Good-bye' to not only the equipment but also the pests that may be bringing 'life' to these pieces.


Visit for more ideas where pests may be making themselves at home. We hope you enjoy!