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FPA Adds Quality Team Member, Al St.Cyr!

Internationally recognized Food Safety and IPM educator and consultant Al St.Cyr has joined the staff of the Food Protection Alliance. Al has a unique catalog of experience having worked in many facilities in North America, South America, China, Japan, South Africa and Europe. His experiences have provided opportunities to author several articles and columns in trade magazines and contributed 

chapters for industry reference manuals. He is a highly sought-after speaker to address issues with the challenges facing the food and pest management industry today.

Al’s primary role with FPA is to assist companies with developing effective food safety and pest management programs to guarantee compliance with regulatory agencies and meet customer expectations in a reasonable, cost effective manner. This is accomplished through facility assessments and developing custom educational programs directed at resolving issues. His unique educational style of understanding the “why” of specific policies and procedures are needed to correct the conditions that lead to issues allows a more permanent solution where short term immediate corrective action is too commonly found.

One of the key principles of Al’s approach to issues in food plants is that in many cases the presence of pests are simply indicators of potentially more significant failures that could impact the safety of the products being produced in a food plant. Many of the same environmental conditions supporting a pest infestation offer greater opportunities to far more dangerous microbiocidal issues that lead to significant risks for the consuming public. The key to success in preventing issues from developing is having the knowledge to recognize issues found in the manufacturing environment and proper timely response.

FPA has the opportunity to deliver world class programs to assist you with maintaining your ability to provide safe legal products to your customers on a consistent basis. Along with Mr. St.Cyr and our professional member staff, we are here to assist you develop programs to manage your process environment to reduce the potential for issues to develop. Call on us to bring FPA’s professional resources to your facilities to demonstrate what professionals dedicated to the food industry can do for you.

 Join us in our excitement and contact us about your challenging locations - we are ready to be your problem solver!