Commodity Fumigation

The Food Protection Alliance strives to stay on the cutting edge of Commodity Fumigation through advanced technology and an unsurpassed attention to detail required for this type of fumigation.   We have found that intense monitoring is needed inside grain storage structures, FPA offer’s the expertise and unmatched monitoring capabilities needed for successful grain storage fumigations.

Through crucial networking and communication FPA is able to offer coast to coast and border to border coverage of the continental United States. No structure is too big or too small to be fumigated.  Nor is any commodity outside our realm. Be it Soft Red Winter Wheat in a 2 million bushel tank, a land sea container full of processed goods or a single pallet of raw peanuts. The Food Protection Alliance has your commodity fumigation needs covered.

The Food Protection Alliance utilizes two main fumigants for Commodity Fumigations. Sulfuryl Fluoride and Phosphine in the gas form of Eco2Fume and VAPORPHOS or solid form of Aluminum or Magnesium Phosphide. A third chemical Methyl Bromide can be used when required and the law allows.  FPA fumigators are state certified, field trained and strive to maintain the highest safety standard in this ever changing and hazardous end of the industry.

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